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HelpScribble Options Tab

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This tab of the HelpScribble action configures additional options.


Build tags: If you have specified Build Tag properties for certain topics, you can select which help topics should be included in the compiled help file using this field (optional).  If empty, all topics will be included.  To include only certain topics, list the build tags you want, one per line.  Only topics that have these build tags in their build tag property (and topics for which you left the build tag property blank) will be included in the compiled help file.


Additional command-line options: This option can be used to specify additional flags to pass to the Flare compiler.  See Command line in the HelpScribble help index for the available options.


Override compiler executable filename: If this field is empty, the action automatically locates the HelpScribble command-line executable by finding the executable associated with the HelpScribble project filename extension (.hsc).  This can be overridden by specifying the executable filename here.