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Help & Manual Action Include Tab

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This tab of the Help & Manual action configures additional include options.


Include options: Specifies the include options, similar to the include options in the Help & Manual Make dialog box. If you do not specify this value, the default include options are used.  The All and MS Help 2.0 options are specific to Help & Manual version 4+.


Only include topics and chapters with status of complete: All topics with any other status are excluded from published output.


Table of contents: Specifies the TOC to use for publishing projects with multiple TOCs (optional, applies only to Help & Manual version 7+).


Additional user-defined options: Use to specify additional user-defined include options (optional, applies only to Help & Manual version 4+).


Text variables file: Overloads text variables defined in the help project with values from an external file (optional). The text file must contain variable values in the form of VARIABLENAME=VALUE.  A Write File action could be used to generate this file.  Relative paths are relative to the path of the help project file.