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Gallio Action Options Tab

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This tab of the Gallio action configures additional options.


.Net runtime version to run under: Specifies the version of the .Net runtime to use for running tests (optional).  For the CLR, this must be the name of one of the framework directories in %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.Net\Framework (e.g., v2.0.50727).


Verbosity level: Controls the level of detail of the information to display.


Do not run tests: Load the tests but does not run them.  This option may be used to produce a report that contains test metadata for consumption by other tools.


Ignore annotations when determining result code: Ignore annotations when determining the result code.  When not specified error annotations, usually indicative of broken tests, will cause a failure result to be generated.


Enable shadow copying of assemblies: Enable shadow copying of the assemblies.  Shadow copying allows the original assemblies to be modified while the tests are running.  However, shadow copying may occasionally cause some tests to fail if they depend on their original location.


Attach debugger to the test process: Attach the debugger to the test process.


Additional options: Used to specify any additional Gallio command-line options (optional).


Gallio executable: Overrides the default location of Gallio.Echo.exe (optional).  Useful if multiple versions are installed.