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FxCop Action Input Tab

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This tab of the FxCop action configures additional options.


Save results in project file: Saves the results of the analysis in the project file. This option is ignored if the a project file is not specified.


Analysis reports, projects, or folders to import: Specifies the names of analysis reports, project files, or folders to import (optional, one per line). Any messages in the imported file that are marked as excluded are not included in the analysis results.  If you specify a folder, FxCop attempts to import all files with the .xml extension. To import all FxCop project files instead, include *.FxCop.  If analysis results are saved to the project file, the imported messages are not saved.


Location of Mscorlib.dll: Location of the version of Mscorlib.dll that was used when building the target assemblies if this version is not installed on the computer running FxCop (optional).


Additional options: Used to specify any additional FxCop command-line options.


FxCop executable: Overrides the default location of FxCopCmd.exe (optional).  Useful if multiple versions of FxCop are installed.