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File Checksum Options Tab

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This tab of the File Checksum action specifies the information about the file to be processed.


Action: The action to perform.


Compute: Calculates the checksum/hash for the specified filename.  If the Database filename field is blank, the checksum value will be stored in the FILE_CHECKSUM_VALUE temporary macro, otherwise, the checksum value will be stored in the XML database file.
List: Lists all files in the XML database.
Verify: Verifies all entries in the XML database.


Filename: The filename or directory to compute checksums for (required for Add action).  If a directory is specified, the FILE_CHECKSUM_VALUE will be populated with the hash of the last matching file.


Hash type: The type of checksum to calculate (MD5, SHA, or Both).


Database filename: The XML database file to store or read hash values to/from.


Do not store full path name: If checked, the full path name is not stored in the XML database file.


Remove base path: If provided, the specified base path will be removed from the full path name.