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Update Tab

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This tab of the ClearCase action configures command options related to an Update operation.


Graphical: Checking this box will cause the graphical interface to be displayed (not recommended for non-interactive builds) using the -graphical flag.


Preview only: Checking this box will use the -print flag to log a preview of the update operation without copying or removing files.


Set current time: Checking this box sets the time stamp of a file element to the current time using the -ctime flag.


Pname is load rule file: Specifies that the Pathnames argument (in the Command tab) specifies a new load rule file.  Adds the -add_loadrules flag to the generated command-line.


Hijacked files: Your selection sets the appropriate flag related to the handling of hijacked files (-overwrite, -noverwrite, -rename) in the generated command-line.


Log file: Specifies a log file for the operation using the -log flag.