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Make Element Tab

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This tab of the ClearCase action configures command options related to a Make Element operation.


Element type: Specifies the type of element to be created using the -eltype flag.


No checkout: Suppressed checkout using the -nco flag.


Checkin: Creates the new element and version /main/0, performs a checkout, and checks in a new version containing the data in view-private file or DO element-pname, which must exist. You cannot use this option when creating a directory element.  Adds the -ci flag to the generated command-line.


Make path: For an element that is being created from a view-private file or directory, this option creates elements from its view-private parent directories.  Adds the -mkpath flag to the generated command-line.


Master: Assigns mastership of the main branch of the element to the VOB replica in which you execute the mkelem command.  Adds the -master flag to the generated command-line.