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ClearCase Command Tab

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This tab of the ClearCase action configures the source control command to perform and related information.


Command: The ClearCase command to perform (required).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list and other commands can be entered as needed.  See the ClearCase documentation for details on the available commands.


View path: The local drive and path to use when processing the command (required for most commands unless a Set Current Dir action is used to set the path).


Pathnames / Object selector: Identifies one or more file elements, path names, baseline labels, stream selectors or object selectors that the command will operate on (required for most commands).


Target (or Out or In): Identifies a pathname that is the target of an ln or mv command.


Recurse: Whether to recursively process subfolders.


Preserve file time: Determines whether file times are preserved.


Comment: A user-provided comment about the command (optional).  The comment can be entered directly into the field or the filename of a file containing the comment can be provided.