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Batch File Action Command Tab

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This tab of the Batch File Command action specifies the batch file or command script to run.


Command script: Specifies the batch file or command script to invoke (required).  The filename of a command script or batch file can be provided, or the contents of a script can be entered in the second field.



Single percent characters must be doubled (%%) to not be treated specially by Visual Build.  Strings within percents (i.e., %PATH%) will also be expanded by Visual Build if not escaped.
Bracket characters [ and ] normally denote a script expression to be inserted into a field; to insert literal brackets, use two bracket characters [[ or ]].


Ignore special characters: If checked, the above processing of special characters for macro references and script expressions will not be performed and escaping (doubling) will not be needed.



The exit code of the command processor will be stored in the RUNPROGRAM_EXITCODE temporary macro.
To execute Windows shell (as opposed to command processor shell) commands (for instance, to open a document in its associated application, select cmd /c call in the processor field, .cmd in the file extension, and enter a command script of start "shell command here".