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AlwaysCaptureConsoleOutput Property

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This option has two effects on the Run Program or derived action or RunProgramEx call:


1) Determines whether console output will always be captured.  Normally, output is not captured by Visual Build when specifying None for Read Output From or when specifying vbldOutputNone.  This allows output written to console windows spawned by Visual Build to be displayed in that window, but it prevents Visual Build from being able to suppress such output from its logs.  This option is disabled by default.  Set this option to True to if you want to be able to suppress all program output within Visual Build.


2) Whether standard input is written to when Provide Standard Input is set to None or when specifying vbldInputNone.  This option is disabled by default.  Enabling this option causes standard input to be written to in this case, which prevents Visual Build from waiting at a pause command in a batch file.  Another option to achieve this is to set Provide Standard Input to A string or vbldInputString.




Options.AlwaysCaptureConsoleOutput As Boolean


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