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Action Properties Dialog General Tab

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This tab of the Action Properties dialog is used to edit the general action properties of a user action.  Fields on the dialog:


Location: The path of the .action file (read-only).


Name: The name of the user action (required).  This is the name of the .action file without extension, and is the identifier of steps with this action type.  Names should be chosen that are distinct from other existing actions .


Save As: Click this button to save the current action information under a different filename.  Useful for using an existing action as the basis for another one.


Description: The description of the action (optional; shown in a tool tip in the Actions pane).


Category: The category the action will be listed under in the Actions pane (required).


Default property: The step property that will be displayed in a step grid's Default Property column (optional).


Bitmap/Icon file: The filename of a bitmap or icon file to use as the action's image in the Actions pane or step grid (optional).  Relative filenames are relative to the .action file path.  If not provided, a default image is used. For bitmaps, the top left pixel specifies the transparency color for the image.


File extensions: A list of file extensions that this action should be associated with (delimited by semicolons).  When VisBuildPro.exe is started from the command-line with a filename of one of these extensions, a step with the related action will be created and populated with its filename (in its default property).  This can be useful for creating an Explorer context menu for the associated extension (i.e., by creating a registry value like HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\<extension name>\shell\Build with &Visual Build Pro\ = C:\Program Files\VisBuildPro9\VisBuildPro.exe "%1").