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AccuRev Surround SCM Tab

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This tab of the AccuRev action configures server and command information.


Server: The server containing the depot (optional).


Port: The port the server is listening on (optional).


Command: The command to perform (required).  Most common operations are available in the drop-down list.  Other operations may also work but are not explicitly supported.  See the AccuRev User's Guide (CLI Edition) for more details on the available commands.


Depot: The name of the depot to operate on (optional).


Element names: One or more elements or to perform the command on, each on a separate line (optional).


Recursively process directories: If this option is checked, directories will be recursively processed.


Version: The version specification to use for the command (optional).


Local path: This specifies the drive+path to place files that are retrieved from or updated in the depot (optional).  If the field is left empty, the user's current working directory settings will be used instead (for reliability, especially with automated builds, it is highly recommended that the path be specified here).


Issue #: The issue number for the command (optional).


Username: The user to use for the command (optional).