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.NET Core Properties tab

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This tab of the .NET Core action specifies more options.


Force dependencies to be resolved: Forces all dependencies to be resolved even if the last restore was successful.


No dependencies: Ignores project-to-project (P2P) references and only builds the root project specified to build.


No restore: Doesn't perform an implicit restore during build.


Publish .NET Core runtime with application: Publishes the .NET Core runtime with your application so the runtime doesn't need to be installed on the target machine (applies only to publish command).


Manifest files: Specifies one or several target manifests to use to trim the set of packages published with the app (optional, applies only to publish command). The manifest file is part of the output of the store command.


Output directory: Directory in which to place the built binaries (optional).


Verbosity level: Sets the verbosity level of the command (optional).


Version suffix: Defines the version suffix for an asterisk (*) in the version field of the project file (optional). The format follows NuGet's version guidelines.