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New Features in Ultra Recall Version 3

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Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility


Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility


Improved multi-user support


Internal web page editing


Info item attribute type


Two-way Microsoft Outlook/cell phone synchronization


Two-way folder synchronization


Custom forms for data entry


Enhanced rich text editing


Simplified tagging (categorizing)


Nested searches


Search on item relationships


Optimized phrase search


Support OR expressions in Quick Search


Preserve tab state between sessions


Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird integration




User-defined formatting of item title.


Customize pane fonts


Option to display one Windows taskbar entry for multiple databases


Open new tab by clicking small blank tab


Option to search only user-defined keywords (tags)


Prompt for location when importing from other applications


Support customization of context (right-click) menus


Editing of item text on Contact form


Create custom form for contacts


Search combo on view toolbar


Web import optimizations: Use cached version of files if available and up-to-date; add option to always used cached version if available


Print/preview/RTF export of contact/form fields plus item detail text


Drag items as documents to Explorer and other applications.


Internal (wiki) linking


Insert named hyperlinks into text items


Import/export sets


Insert child/sibling tear-off toolbars


Support URL links to UR items from other applications


Command-line export and synchronize


Add Office 2007 theme


Native support for import of Outlook notes


Retain vertical position after move left in tree if siblings are manually sorted


Add Lineage to Reminder dialog and Item Parents pane


More samples


Note: See the history page on the web site for full details.