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Several options related to Toolbars and the Menu Bar can be customized as well.  These options are viewed and changed on the Options tab of the Customize Dialog.


Personalized Menus and Toolbars


Always show full menus: Checking this box will ensure all menu items are always displayed when a menu is selected.  If not checked, the Ultra Recall will initially only show the menu items that have been recently viewed.


Show full menus after a short delay: If this box is checked (and enabled), Ultra Recall will display full menus after a short delay from they are displayed.  If this box isn't checked, the only way to see the full menu is to click the bottom Expand button displayed with each personalized menu (this button disappears when the full menu is displayed).




Paint Theme: This multiple selection combo box allows you to select one of several available themes that affect both Toolbars and the Menu Bar.


Large Icons: Checking this box will show larger than normal Toolbar and Menu Bar icons.


Show ScreenTips on toolbars: When this box is checked, Ultra Recall will show tool tips when the mouse is hovered over Toolbar buttons.


Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips: When this box is checked (and enabled), Ultra Recall will include any associated keyboard shortcut keys in displayed ScreenTips.


Menu Animations: Either select the System Default value, or an alternate Menu Bar animation feature with this combo box.


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