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Copy and Paste within Ultra Recall

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Copy and Paste can be used for all information management tasks in Ultra Recall.  You can copy and paste items within the Data Explorer Pane, the Search Pane, from the Related Items Pane to other panes, in the Item Details of a Text item, and even between Info Databases.


Cut, Copy and Paste can be used to move, link or duplicate existing Info Items in Ultra Recall.


Info Items can be copied (or cut) from several panes within Ultra Recall:

Data Explorer Pane
Search Pane
Related Items Pane

Note: Like most Windows applications, if Info Items are cut, they will be displayed as subdued until they are either pasted (and removed from the source location) or something else is placed on the clipboard.


By default pasting Info Items on the clipboard will result in a new link being made at the current location of the focus rectangle (which is not necessarily the current selection).  If the Info Items were placed on the clipboard with a Cut action, the source Info Items will be removed (completing a Move action).


Several keyboard shortcuts exist for most Copy and Paste actions:

Ctrl+C: copy the current selection to the clipboard

Ctrl+Shift+C: copy the current select (with URL) to the clipboard

Ctrl+X: cut the current selection to the clipboard

Ctrl+V: create a new link to the copied Info Items.  See Logical Linking for more details.

Ctrl+Shift+V: create a duplicate of the Info Items on the clipboard (and their child Info Items)

Alt+P: Display the Paste Special menu, giving more alternate paste choices


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