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Old 03-01-2006, 09:33 PM
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Version 6.1

Released on March 2, 2006

New Actions

  • Create Folder
  • Delete Files
  • Delete Folder
  • FxCop
  • List Files
  • Map/Subst Drive
  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • NCover
  • Set File Attributes
  • Set Priority
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Server


  • GUI App: 1) Honor backup options when saving global application data files; 2) Add user option to select edit text when setting focus Actions pane; 3) Add user option to reset build before building/starting from cursor and building step group; 4) User action checkbox field caption defaults to property name if caption not provided.
  • Logging: Add RSS.xslt stylesheet for converting XML log file to RSS feed via Transform XML Log action.
  • Builder component: Add ProcessID property to allow setting of process priority within a build.
  • Samples: 1) Add sample to Advanced.bld for iterating over a list of values; 2) Update Chain.bld sample parallel build sample steps; 3) Update ContinuousIntegration.bld sample to demonstrate use with Subversion, Surround SCM, and SourceGear Vault.
  • Scripting: Add vbld_FormatDateEx system script function (VBScript only).

Action Enhancements

  • Ant action: 1) Support multiple Library paths; 2) Support additional options field.
  • COM+ Application and Component actions: Support regex wildcards in app name and component name fields.
  • InstallAware action: Update for v5.
  • InstallShield action: Update for v11.5.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Improvements to handle web projects located on non-default ports and web sites; 2) Support building of individual .vdproj files and setting/incrementing Product version; 3) Built-in support for publishing of ClickOnce applications (via Build behavior of 'Deploy/Publish'); 4) Match on AssemblyInfo.* instead of *AssembyInfo.* for identifying source files to update versions/properties in projects; 5) Support update of output directory and base address for individual web projects; 6) Increase size of version field.
  • NAnt action: Support additional options field.
  • NDoc action: Support additional options field.
  • Newsgroup Post action: Support setting message priority.
  • NUnit action: 1) Add option to not transform output; 2) Support additional options field; 3) Support specifying .NET Framework version.
  • Send Mail action: Support setting message priority.
  • Set Macro action: 1) Resize value field; 2) Add user option to update icon to indicate macro type.
  • Subversion action: Update for v1.3.
  • Surround SCM action: Update for v4.1.
  • Team Foundation action: Support Team Foundation login flag.
  • Vault action: 1) Provide label fields for deletelabel, getlabeldiff, and renamelabel commands, 2) Add support for obliterate, listaltxdetails, and versionhistory commands; 3) add support for proxy settings.
  • VS.NET Get Version action: Support retrieving Product version from .vdproj files.
  • Wait action: Improved support for parallel builds.
  • Write File action: Use colorizing text editor.

Bug Fixes

  • GUI App: 1) Context menus via keyboard displayed in wrong position if mouse cursor on different monitor; 2) Expanding via keyboard after clicking +/- on another item expands wrong item; 3) Step grid incorrectly focused on build completion/canceled and at start of each step; 4) Entire inserted function selected on insert event or property into Script editor; 5) Copy/paste of property in Action properties dialog did not copy checkbox cells properly; 6) F1 did not show help on user options Output page.
  • Builder component: 1) Nested script expressions don't interpret Step, LastStep, FailedStep objects; 2) Handles to executed programs not released properly; 3) LogFileContents did not detect BOM.
  • Options file location didn't honor /configpath flag.
  • COM Register action: Unregistering typelib always reported failure.
  • Copy Files action: *.* include mask did not copy files without extensions.
  • FTP action: Action reports canceled by user if no matching files.
  • Make VS.NET action: 1) Support web path of http://localhost/; 2) Incrementing version did not work for VS2005 project if assembly name contained period; 3) Support multiple platforms when building with MSBuild in Make VS.NET action; 4) Escape special VBP chars when populating configuration names.
  • NDoc action: 1) Bug in relative/absolute path handling; 2) Multiple assemblies not handled properly.
  • NAnt action: Parameters containing spaces not quoted properly.
  • NUnit action: Error when specifying exe path containing spaces.
  • Rename Files action: 'Log files that are processed but not renamed' option not honored.
  • ZIP Files action: Couldn't cancel ZIP operation on large files.
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