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Old 05-20-2021, 02:36 PM
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Issues with zoom and move paragraph up/down

Some observations re the Content Pane:

a) I had used "View - Zoom", 1 and even 2 and 3 levels "up" (bigger, from Arial 12 point as basis) (You kindly made this zoom persistent now beyond the current item); +1 seems to be without problems (?), but +2 and +3 brought several problems, here in a) and also mentioned in b):

For a): On the outer left margin of the content pane, when going to (any) another item, there were graphic residuals of previously viewed content panes, i.e. the content pane was not totally refreshed. These were even quite big if previously I had set the zoom quite big.

Unfortunately, I can't be very precise here, since after b), I did not use the zoom anymore, but if I remember well, this phenomenon a) even persisted when I diminished the zoom.

I forgot to mention that these "character residuals" on the left margin more or less then went away with scrolling, but that scrolling was necessary with every item to be viewed, and not even previous, zoomed viewing of those items was necessary in order for these "character residuals" to appear, i.e. they were NOT specifically residuals from previous viewing of the same item, but were, how can I say, "newly created even on item B, by fault of previous viewing of item A".

b) At some time, the zoom got, from +1 or +2, to +30 or so, making unreadable any content, even the very first character in every item / content pane was much bigger than the whole content field (which normally, without zoom, displays about a whole page on paper.

At this time, the zoom levels (beneath "View-Zoom" were all greyed-out, and restarting the program or even restarting the pc did not help; this was clearly a zoom problem (only) since I was able to read all the texts normally if I did ^a, ^c and then ^v into an editor.

So I did a "Compact and Repair" which did not seem to help either at first, but after closing the database after this "CaR", and reloading it, UR worked for several minutes onto the file (from listening to the HDD), and then again, everything was normal, without zoom, and totally readable, the zoom levels having become available, too.

(I use a 27"" 2560 x 1200 screen.)

This problem b) or even both problems may have caused by zooming beyond +1, or even by beyond +2 (i.e. +3, but not more than that I think).

c) First, I was very pleased to discover the commands "Format - Move Up/Down", knowing them from some editors, etc. where it's also possible to change the paragraph order by this, or to quickly move some paragraph up or down several paragraphs, without going by select, cut, and then insert.

Unfortunately, in UR, these commands do not work as expected, in the - very frequent, I suppose - use case that you separate your paragraphs by blank lines. Thus, if you have

Textline A (i.e. a paragraph in fact)
blankline a
Textline B
blankline b

and then, with cursor in Textline B, do "Move up", you expect the result

Textline B, blankline a, Textline B, blankline b

but you get

Textline A
Textline B
blankline a
blankline b

(similar for "Move down"), and it's obviously faster to go the select-cut-insert route.

I don't know if it's possible to amend the functionality of these commands, with the current rtf control (I use the control which is installed by default with current versions of UR), but if it's possible, changing this (i.e. "adjust the functionality if the other line is a blank line, leave it as it is if not", i.e. if the user triggers the commands on lines within a body of many textlines within a "list": for that, much rarer, use case the commands work as expected indeed) would be of big help indeed!

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