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Old 03-11-2004, 09:24 AM
mvermeulen mvermeulen is online now
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Appending Files

Is there a function or macro that will append the "contents" of one file to another? I would like to create a seperate file that will contain the output of certain steps, manipulate the file and then append it to the log.

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Old 03-11-2004, 04:50 PM
kevina kevina is online now
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If I understand your request, I would recommend this:

1) use script to append the log output of each step you desire to a file, in the step's vbld_StepDone event using the vbld_FSO com object.
2) add a step to manipulate the file (using script or whatever you want to update it to the format you want to add to your log)
3) use a Log Message action to add the contents of the manipulated file to the log

Some vb code you can use to append the contents of one file to another is:

vbld_FSO.OpenTextFile("File1", ForAppending, True).Write vbld_FSO.OpenTextFile("File2", ForReading).ReadAll

Where "File1" is the dest file, "File2" is the source file
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