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Old 12-22-2007, 08:44 PM
armsys armsys is online now
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Originally posted by kevina
Dragging items from the another urd file should not recreate the core templates (unless they were removed via the Link/Move/Copy dialog). If you now have duplicate core templates (under the Template system Info Item) then something definitely went wrong (but I am guessing this is not the case).
Judging from the previous posts, including valuable yours, I have an unverified, unconfirmed, and undigested theory that copying an Info Item ("II") may actually generate a template, whether it's core template or otherwise I don't know. It seems each II is based on a template, which consists a set of attributes. Whenever we add/delete/modify the composition of attributes, a new template is created, which is different than the original template, core or otherwise.

Therefore, when copying an II from one .urd to another, a new template, core or otherwise, will be created in the destination .urd.

This theory may explain why some newly created templates (after the copying) refuse to be deleted

Please correct me if my theory is wrongly conceived.


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Old 12-23-2007, 06:54 AM
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I only use UR on a daily basis for all of my activities. I dislike having to enter data more than once or in more than one place so I look for programs that can absorb all the elements that I use in my disorganized life & allow me to organize the parts I need for specific tasks when I need them.

At the moment, UR seems to do that best &, according to the roadmap, looks like it will do it even better is in the near future.

IMO, the program is in the hands of serious developers who don't look like they are going to disappear or sell out to a larger company any time soon. This is good news for me as I spent several years with a couple of clever programs called ADM & Ariadne which stopped development & it was very frustrating.

OTOH, Kinook (the company) is described here so you can judge for yourself about its seriousness.

I can't be sure about names but I am fairly sure that Kinook is not a person's name but a combination of names. Kevina may actually be Kevin A but I don't know that for sure either. And I believe there is a Kyle involved as well.

Although I have posted many times on this forum, most of my posts have been questions, questions and more questions so I am like you in this way. Don't worry about asking questions. Someone (including the developers) will come along and help.

Tech guru, me? Nope. Just an end user like yourself who happened to start with UR a few months ahead of you.
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