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Old 12-22-2007, 11:32 PM
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Question re: Item Title

Hello to all,
I have a question I'm hoping one of the experts can answer. I've been using UR for the last year primarily for GTD, and first now do I see the potential for projects and workflow. Right now I manage many parts of projects in Excel, and it occurred to me that if I created Items and Attributes and imported them in, I could create a "drag-and-drop" type of system for the projects I manage, including importing .csv files from Excel. The problem for me is the Item title after I've brought the data in. For example, let's say I have a list of servers for a particular customer in Excel. I have columns containing information on each server including name, IP address, etc. I create a Template in UR called Servers and create all the Attributes that match my columns and have them on that Template. I step through the import process and match the columns to the Attributes. The Import completes and all my servers are in.... But in the Explorer pane they are labeled "Server", "Server (1)", "Server (2)", etc. This isn't very useful, particularly if I have to click on each server to be able to see the name (which is one of the Attributes) and I may have hundreds of servers for a particular client. Am I doing this incorrectly, or is there any type of workaround? Selecting each item and renaming it afterwords would be way to time consuming and take away any productivity benefits gained from using UR in the first place.

If this isn't an available option and would be time consuming to implement, I would be happy if when importing a .csv there was an option box that read something like "Have Item Title equal value in Attribute <dropdown>, any items with a blank value in this Attribute will not be created".

Thanks in advance for anyone's comments!
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Old 12-23-2007, 12:39 AM
ashwken ashwken is offline
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On the Excel side, create a column (attribute) named Item Title or rename an existing column.

If this column name is present in the CSV it should be picked up automatically by the mapping dialog of the CSV import, or should be available in the drop-down list once a Template is selected as the import mask.

A couple more things to be aware of when importing CSV:

Logical fields need to be in the form of Yes=1 or No=0 to be recognized by the UR Yes/No Attribute Type. These values can be quoted (character) or unquoted (numeric) in the CSV.

A text string of values, separated by the ";", can be imported to User-Defined Keywords.

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Old 12-23-2007, 12:47 AM
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Thank You, ashwken!

It worked perfectly, just what I needed!
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