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Old 10-11-2005, 06:18 PM
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Version 6.0

Released on October 11, 2005

Note: See for issues to be aware of when upgrading from earlier releases.

New Features
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Visual Studio 2005-style dockable panes, menus, toolbars and themes.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • System tray icon.
  • Forward/back navigation (via Alt+Right/Left Arrow, Go menu, and dedicated mouse/keyboard buttons).
  • Replace Insert Step dialog / action toolbar with auto-filtering Actions pane.
  • Quickly navigate to location of last build error via menu (Go | Last Error) or shortcut (F8).
  • GUI designer for user action components.
  • Add option to disable logging for each step.
  • Add ability to specify which failure step subroutine to run on failure (instead of building all failure steps).
  • Add option to continue building after executing failure steps.
  • User options to persist step expand/collapse state to project file and control activating, expanding, and showing current step during a build.
  • Implement WScript.Echo, Sleep and CreateObject methods for compatibility with WSH script code.
  • Application option to write BOM to XML project, log and configuration files; also write encoding tag to all XML files.
  • Log step failure and highlight failed step in step grid even if ignoring failure.
  • Show build rule in tooltip of step grid (and evaluated result if Shift held down).
  • Support side-by-side installation with earlier versions.
  • More samples.

    New Actions
  • ADO action
  • Ant action
  • Burn CD/DVD action
  • ClearCase action
  • Exit build/subroutine action
  • HTTP send/receive action (w/ SSL support)
  • IIS Virtual Dir action
  • InstallAnywhere.NET action
  • InstallAWARE action
  • Kill Process action
  • MSBuild action
  • NAnt action
  • NDoc action
  • Newsgroup Post custom action (w/ SSL support)
  • NSIS action
  • NUnit action
  • Play Sound action
  • PLink Tunnel action (secure SSH for networking actions)
  • Rename Files action
  • VSTS Team Build action
  • VSTS Team Foundation action
  • VSTS Team Test action

  • GUI App: 1) Enhancements to Insert Macro dialog; 2) Ctrl+A/Select All in the Macros pane selects all of single type of macro; 3) Find also matches on step action; 4) Improvements to populating of step fields for multiple selection for fields with varying values.
  • Script editor: 1) Auto-completion; 2) Improved syntax highlighting; 3) Customizable menus and toolbars; 4) Incremental search capability; 5) Block comment/uncomment; 6) Automatic font resizing (Ctrl+mouse wheel); 7) Automatic brace matching; 8) Syntax coloring for Python and Ruby.
  • User action enhancements: 1) Support registering actions by placing in application data path; 2) Support icons for images; 3) Array and name/value pair array property support; 4) Support password type fields, file filter, and browse type flags; 5) Support radio button fields; 6) Support declaring temporary macros created by action.
  • Object model enhancements: 1) Provide access to the last step and failed step objects from script; 2) Support retrieving all defined step property names via PropertyNames property; 3) Support storing objects in macro values.
  • Scripting enhancements: 1) Project-level step script events; 2) Add support for Ruby and Python scripting languages.
  • Builder component: 1) Process build rules from the parent down when nesting of build rules and include in build status enabled (the default); 2) Build reset deletes temporary macros if configured to delete temp macros after build.
  • Store breakpoints in user configuration file instead of in the .bld file.
  • Add 'is false' conditional build rule comparison.
  • Additional options for specifying application data path.
  • Improve Active Accessibility support.
  • Add support for Windows x64 editions.

    Action Enhancements
  • All File actions: Support filenames longer than 260 chars (specified by prefixing the filename or path with \\?\).
  • COM+ Application/Component actions: 1) Support unlimited property grid; 2) Populate drop-down list with available properties.
  • Delphi Action: Add support for Borland Developer Studio 2006.
  • FTP Action: 1) Support incremental copying (only if file has changed) for servers that support it; 2) Support synchronize option (purge destination files that don't exist in source); 3) Support recursive copy; 4) Support secure SSL transfers for servers that support it.
  • Help & Manual Action: Add support for Help & Manual v4.
  • InstallAnywhere Action: Add support for v7.
  • JBuilder Action: Add support for JBuilder 2006.
  • Make VS.NET Action: 1) Add support for VS 2005 July/August 2005 Community Tech Preview, Beta 3, RC, and RTM; 2) Add support for upgrading solutions to VS2005; 3) Add option to exclude /project flag when building individual projects.
  • Replace in File action: 1) Add option to log file contents before/after replacements; 2) Add no replace (debug) option; 3) Provide drop-down for Encoding field and support MIME encoding names; 4) Support extended (comments and ignore whitespace) mode; 5) New option to log file before and after replacements; 6) Button menus providing assistance creating regular expressions; 7) Automatic detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded text files.
  • Run Program action and Builder.RunProgramEx method: 1) Store exitcode of process in RUNPROGRAM_EXITCODE temporary macro when waiting for completion; 2) Store process ID of launched process in RUNPROGRAM_PROCESSID temporary macro when not waiting for completion; 3) Add Remote tab for running program on a remote computer via PsExec.
  • Write File action: 1) Provide drop-down for Encoding field and support MIME encoding names; 2) Automatic detection of UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded text files.
  • Subroutine Call action: 1) Support unlimited parameters grid; 2) Push and pop parameter values to allow the same parameter name to be used in nested subroutines.
  • Send Mail Action: 1) Support secure SSL connections; 2) Add return message options for servers that support it.
  • SourceSafe Action: Add option to treat exitcode of 1 (returned by diff, dir, and status commands in some cases) as successful.
  • Surround SCM Action: Support v4.
  • Telnet Action: Support secure SSL connections.
  • VisBuildPro Project action: 1) Support unlimited macros grid; 2) Add Remote tab for building project on a remote computer via PsExec; 3) Add Options tab for specifying additional options; 4) Add checkbox for starting process in single-step debug mode.
  • ZIP/UNZIP Files actions: Support AES strong encryption.

    Bug Fixes
  • FAIL/LASTSTEP_STATUS macro value was 0 when Run Program step failed referencing an undefined macro.
  • GUI App: 1) Support find and replace in array step properties; 2) Move down with collapsed children didn't always work.
  • Timeout long-running script expression evaluation instead of allowing application to hang.
  • Errors saving application configuration files could result in changes getting lost.
  • Prevent errors on startup if any of the application configuration files exist but are empty.
  • COM Register action: Call regsvr32 instead of LoadLibrary/Dll[Un]registerServer to workaround bug in .NET Framework 1.0/1.1 causing "Two different copies of MSCOREE.DLL have been loaded" error when building Make VS.NET step after COM Register step within a build.
  • CVS action: Add option to not treat revision starting with D as a date.
  • Send Mail action: Logging did not include QUIT command even though it was being sent.
  • Sign Code action: Common name field is now optional.
  • UNZIP Files action: Not all files extracted if DynaZip DLL > v5.0.0.3 installed.
  • ZIP Files action: Correct 'Zip file structure invalid' when updating .ZIP files.
  • Wise action: 1) Fix to pass variable values with extra space to Wise Installation System properly; 2) Pass Release flag correctly for WFWI.
  • Wrong default path for VSTUDIO_NET_DIR global macro.
  • REG_READ/READ_INI system macros: Double special VBP chars (%[]) so they are treated as literals.
  • Shouldn't be able to rename system macros.
  • Allow Python to work as the default script language.
  • Fix for proper reloading of global macros file stored on a network share.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
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