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Old 05-22-2006, 08:44 AM
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Version 2.0

Released on May 22, 2006

New Features
  • Open multiple items in tabs.
  • Open multiple databases in tabs (via Document toolbar).
  • Favorites toolbar.
  • Run from USB (Pro version only).
  • Link/move/copy dialog (Tree | Link/Move or Alt+L).
  • Jump/navigate to item dialog (Tree | Jump or Alt+J).
  • Separate into Pro and Standard versions.
  • Copy item launch command-line to clipboard (Item | Copy Item Command-line or Ctrl+Shift+I) for easier integration with MindManager and other applications.
  • Directly import file at the selected tree item (right-click in tree, Import Files and Tree | Import Files).
  • Rename an item from selected text (F2 in detail rich text and browser panes and Item | Rename To | Selected Text or Shift+F2 elsewhere).
  • Rename an item to current date, time or date+time (Item | Rename To menu).
  • Options for whether to use document title or filename as item title when syncing files (Tools | Options | Import (More) | Use document title for item title if available) and whether to use page title or URL as item title when syncing web pages (Tools | Options | Import (More) | Use page title for item title if available).
  • Option for alphabetic/manual tree sorting in tree by default (Tools | Options | Trees | Alphabetically sort when adding children to new items).
  • Option to use same window position for multiple databases (Tools | Options | General | Use same window position for additional databases).
  • Lock searches from modifications.
  • File | Save persists modified external temporary file for current item into UR.
  • Option during install to copy Office rich edit control to UR installation path if available.

  • Support six custom window layouts instead of two (View | Layout menu / toolbar button).
  • Syncing imported folder item adds new files and folders (Pro version only).
  • Search: 1) Add Quick Search option to search titles only; 2) Add search option to match whole words; 3) Use text of search for title when copying quick search; 4) Make limited searches return limited Indent Level and Lineage values.
  • Reminders: 1) Add a Snooze All button to the Reminder Dialog; 2) Add option for whether to activate Reminder dialog when reminder comes due (Tools | Options | Search/Reminder).
  • Put Calendar in a docking pane.
  • Support move and link between trees and from search results.
  • Add context menu items in internal browser to import into UR.
  • Add Maximize/Restore and context menu buttons to docking panes.
  • Edit | Insert Date+Time (Alt+Z) inserts date+time into tree when focused.
  • Remember all open databases and reopen on restart.
  • Support user entry of Recurring attribute values (i.e., 2 weeks, 4 months, etc.).
  • Keywording: 1) Keyword additional symbols (#, $, %, &); 2) Make max keyworded document size user-configurable (Tools | Options | Import | Maximum document size to keyword).
  • Import Notes field from Outlook items to Item Notes attribute.
  • Allow Task/Appointment item conversion back to Text template.
  • Persist last attribute selections in export wizard.
  • GTD sample.

    Bug fixes
  • Don't flash main window at startup if set to start minimized.
  • Inter-database move deletes wrong items from source database when dragging non-selected items.
  • Syncing a file caused the Date Modified attribute to get changed to Jan. 1, 1899.
  • Set focus to item list in Reminder dialog when showing so that typing space won't dismiss (click focused button).
  • Item Text attribute doesn't return any text for Outlook type items (Appointment/Task).
  • Correctly handle rich text item saved as Word document after editing in Word.
  • Insert missing encoding into stored HTML page (for proper display of selection copied from Firefox).
  • With Thunderbird configured as the default mail client, importing .eml files import incorrectly.
  • Searching: 1) Error when searching on Lineage equals; 2) System attribute "Exists" and "Equals Null" searches don't work as expected; 3) NULL Begin Date value with populated Begin Time value caused erroneous Pending Reminder value; 4) Advanced search grid sometimes shows phantom value criteria for exists rows; 5) Attribute not equal to Yes comparison not equivalent to attribute equals No.
  • Error when importing or copying items with title beginning with a single quote.
  • Exporting and re-importing NULL time attributes to CSV resulted in 12:00 times on import.
  • XML import of OPML files can create items with no icon.
  • Keyboard shortcut and options customizations were layout-specific.
  • Reminder sound doesn't find relative filename correctly.
  • Handle and repair item linked to itself.
  • Error updating access date when creating temporary file for large stored document.
  • Changing from the Appointment to another template leaves partial reminder attributes.
  • Auto-hidden search pane shown when going to Quick Search item.
  • Item title based on URL not unencoded.
  • Item icon not updated in detail pane on change in item attributes pane; ampersands in Item Title not displayed properly in some locations.
  • Reminder dialog not refreshed when read-only database closed.
  • Updating Access Count attribute to non-numeric value causes error message.
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