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Old 10-06-2011, 06:15 AM
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Multiple DB Search Awaiting the In-Built Function


Since I had spoken here in this forum about the possibility to search multiple UR db's, but then refrained from sharing my know-how, being treated as a machine pouring out bla-bla, by a guy calling himself "dollar bill", you had to do without my findings in the meantime.

Since today another dollar-only driven guy on bitsdujour made me so angry that I simply HAD to give away my information, there, and since there are indeed people who steal from one site, giving info as theirs on another one some moments afterwards (= Alexander D. took my UR-as-3-pane-outliner idea from this forum, in order to present it within that coffee table round "outlinersoftware-com" without giving credit), I prefer to present it here, myself.

I'll spare you all the details - in fact, I've taken notes of my experiences with all those programs in detail, in order to fight any claims -, but allow me to remember you of a crucial thing:

Before searching multiple UR db's, in order to have reliable results (i.e. to avoid false finds), you must, of course, empty the db's recycle bins, and even do a "Compact and Repair" - on the other hand, any UR-integrated inter-db's search function has to overcome exactly those difficulties, and that might be the reason integration of that command takes Kinook that long.


I don't want to be censored for being against the common (whilst idiot imo) R.I.P. idea, so I weighten my words: Today is a day on which we poor Windows users can take a deep breath: Slates will become Windows 8, with reasonable power, with our usual Windows programs (= UR, etc.), with intelligent integration into your corporate IT environment, without the need to endlessly translate from one format into another and back again, without the need for developers to spare their time on a second, third, fourth format for an endless row of new "portable devices", instead of concentrating their programming efforts on the optimization of the core functions of their given programs, and with - speaking slates again - 8 to 9 hours running time (= preferably more, of course ; if this paragraph remembers some similar but more to the point on welt-de, today, no theft, that's mine, citing yourself without giving credit must be allowed then).


So here's my BDJ post, finally :

Yes, this might be a great piece of software, but I feel the urgent need to intervene.

The guy who has the "strong feeling" that a very equilibrium-driven comparison between XYplorer and Xplorer2 was a scam, made me more than angry, so I'll give some very valuable info here that took me 2 days of hard way to gather:

I'm not happy with Xplorer2 because of its looks, and some weird things; tree does not function as it does in most other programs, "Go to recent folder" just brings a list to make your choice from (good) but is not doubled by another command that just brings the recent folder, one-key; in the same way, "Copy/Shift to last target" commands do NOT do what they promise but open a dialogue to choose from: again, these commands do MORE than what they promise, but do NOT do WHAT they promise to do; Xplorer2 should, then, discriminate and retain those commands, by other names, but should offer also exactly the commands promised, one-key.

So, I'm not happy with Xplorer2, and notwithstanding, I'll buy next time it'll appear here (and I'll take the effort to put a copy of my post on their latest offering, so that Nikos, it's developer, will be informed of my discussing his program, and I'll give my real mail address).

So why do I prefer Xplorer2?

Because I tried to find a program being able to do serious SEARCH, not only for the abc...z English characters, but also for European language and many more such latin chars, not speaking of East European chars.

You might suppose this wasn't any problem: You're wrong. Most dedicated search programs are NOT capable of doing such searches in any reliable way, NOT Copernic (= on offer here yesterday, and I shut my mouth on its incapability, my motivation not being to harm the owner of this site, but to offer right directions in software development), and not dtSearch, with its 200 dollars price tag, either (= yes, that's incredible, but it's the simple truth)).

Out of about 20 or more dedicated searchers (= with or without building up an index), there is NOT ONE such a program.

(But for all other means, the FREE Agent Ransack is fantastic! It's the free version of the 40 dollars File Locator Pro, but which also fails on the given task, so for any no-special-chars search, Agent Ransack is preferable to any other program.)

So I tried the "File Commanders" category of software offerings, and heureka!

TWO file commanders, out of a bunch of perhaps 12 or 15 I tried, do indeed offer searching of special chars in your files and give reliable results:

It's Xplorer2 and TotalCommander.

Both of them ain't that good, GUI-wise, but Xplorer2 even has a "search in the search results" function, and has Boolean search, when TC doesn't have any of those (= Xplorer has "AND", "OR", "NOT", etc., and even "NEAR", where TC's got only "NOT").

(Besides, even for "normal" abc...z chars searches, Xplorer2 is 5 times faster on my system than XYplorer is, and I even "succeeded" in making XYplorer CRASH several times with just "normal" searches; don't expect the overpriced and ridicully-licensed Directory Opus to reliably search for special chars, but it's got "search in search results functionality" at the very least.)

Thus, there are just TWO programs out there, from several dozens tried and that should be supposed to be able to do it, that really can (= by checking the UTF-8 option in both, of course) search your files for European chars in a reliable way, Xplorer2 and TC.

Thus, European customers've got EVERY interest in trying out both, and encourage their developers to apply some better GUI design to their fine progs. (Of course, both developers are Europeans (= Nikos being Greek, Ghisler being Swiss), so they "needed" to implement this function for their own needs, but then, for American developers, we other Europeans out there, with our good money to spend on their products, don't we not count enough? And for American scholars, searching for "European" chars could be rather helpful, too, in many ways. I'm not touting European products over American ones, I'm just saying, for searching European chars, two - European - products are reliable, whereas NO other product I've tested, does it, be it European, American, or of whatever descent.)

These are FACTS, then, not "spam for Xplorer2" or other crap that id*** out there tries to make us believe.


F F Since today somebody in the current XYplorer offering here at bitsdujour made me very angry, I was driven to give some comment on Xplorer2, and thus, I want Nikos to be informed of it, so I post it also here.

(...) (same as above)
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