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Old 04-21-2006, 07:27 PM
pjaiswal pjaiswal is online now
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Problem in Make VS.NET

We are having problems in the build when using a "Make VS.NET" step for a solution which has C# and a C++ class library. Here are the details on what is being done:

1. The solution which has C# and C++ class library compiles without any error in Visual Studio 2005. The project dependencies are set such that the csproj is dependent on the C++ project and references the dll created by the c++ project.

2. In the build script, the Make VS.NET step fails, with the configuration set to Release.* & the Build Behavior set to "Rebuild". The step failure is caused because the C++ project does not get rebuild and hence the dll is not created which is being referenced by the C# project, causing the error.

My guess is that the problem is being caused by the the C++ project only having a Release| win32 configuration, So using Release.* Visual Builder Pro tries to build all projects first as "Release |Any CPU" first...which the C++ doesn't have but the C# does.

Are we doing anything wrong, is there anything else that needs to be set in the solution/ project properties or in the Make VS.NET step?

Just to reproduce the error, I have attached a sample solution which has the same problem and emailed it to (The attachment was larger than allowed)

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Old 04-21-2006, 09:49 PM
kinook kinook is online now
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The Win32 solution configuration (Build | Configuration Manager in the IDE) is configured to only build the C++ project; the Any CPU sol cfg is configured to only build the C# project; the Mixed Platforms sol cfg does build both, so that is probably the config you want to build. Choosing the Release|Mixed Platforms configuration in your sample builds correctly.
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