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Old 09-06-2010, 06:26 PM
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Quick Note Command

Is it time for a "New Note" or "Quick Note" command in UR? Today while creating several notes, I looked at the New command button on the Standard toolbar and wondered, "How many times have I created a new note vs. a new database?" The ratio must be at least 500 to 1. Yet there's a convenient command button for creating a new database while new notes typically take three or more steps. I've lost my train of thought a few times while creating a new note. It's enough of an issue that Kinook created a tutorial "How to quickly enter a note in Ultra Recall". A recent comment from J-Mac:
While Ultra Recall is great for information collecting and organizing, I donít feel it is very good for jotting down quick notes.
$bill's excellent tip is perhaps the most concise:
Jotting a quick text note in UR:
Win-Z (global activation hotkey for UR)
Alt-5 (a Favorite set for quick access to an Info Item inbox where I put my quick notes)
INS (adds a new text item)
<Enter the name of the new Info Item>
TAB (moves cursor to the Item Detail Pane)
<Enter the text of the note.>
A command that handles steps 2 to 5 in one click would be awesome. Is it possible? First, I think most would agree a quick note is and should be a text item. One issue is a text item can be inserted anywhere thanks to the flexibility we all love in UR. A single-click command could open a quick note wherever the current selection happens to be. A fixed target would be preferable IMO. In a default database that would logically be the Notes item.

This brings up the next potential issue. If someone deletes or renames the Notes item, the command would break. So the target item needs to be user definable.

What about item 4 on $bill's list ("<Enter the name of the new Info Item>")? For this I created a quick note (text) template with Item Title: "Note" and Title Expression: "[Item Title] || coalesce(': ' || [Date Created], '')". But leaving user with the item title selected is not a bad option either. Would be nice if this were also user configurable.

So what do you think about the possibility of a quick note command for UR?
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