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Old 08-06-2007, 05:31 PM
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Thumbs up Nothing Lost !!!

I want to say something positive!

As I've commented in other threads, I don't do much Store Contents with UR. My XPWin system is quite stable. About 30 minutes ago, after doing a big batch of work, I was in the middle of updating work notes in UR whilst downloading emails and so forth. My system started acting a bit odd - and in about the time it takes to say "What the f#$K is going on here?" a couple of times - my computer shut down. Kind of a black screen of death.

So I just sat there staring blankly puzzled annoyed worried as windows rebooted. I logged in, my desktop appeared and windows settled down. Well nearly - it warned me about low space on (C) drive. A sigh of relief! It was simply typical windows behaviour - whew! I checked my precious notes in UR. My last edit with the bold formatting that I had applied was still there!

Initially I was obviously simply glad to have both a working system still let alone apparently no data loss. But then I got to thinking, some winging goes on around here about lost data. I wonder - for each one of those lost data stories, are there 100's of retained data stories? Any way - bottom line - me like UR a lot! If anyone has and could be bothered counterbalancing some of the winging with some positive chatter then be my guest...
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Old 08-07-2007, 02:32 AM
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Probably as for any UR user, UR crashes from time to time on my laptop, say 1 in 100 times on average when I open it and do some stuff (I dont have UR continuously open). No idea what is causing it, I stopped bothering when I realized that it has no effect on the stored data, ie. I never lost anything ... nevertheless, I do regular versions backup just in case I find after some time that sth got wrong with my database on the place that didn't show up straight away (+ all these are also synced to another drive, in case of HDD failure ...)
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