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Old 11-10-2006, 01:51 PM
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Suggestions for UR

I have been using Ultra recall for a few weeks, and just registered my copy. In doing so, I came up with a few suggestions that may improve the functionality of UR.

1. Inheritance of attributes/keywords between info nodes. Im thinking it could be implemented similar to how filesystem permissions are handled in XP/2000+.

Where from the top level you can force inheritance down to all sub items, or from the bottom you can specify to inherit from the next highest node. Ideally this would be able to be set per attribute, or with any subset of the attributes of the object.

2. Make it possible for attribute values to be linked to attributes of other info items.
For instance you can have object A with attribute color set to blue, then have Object B whose value for the color attribute is set to ObjectA:Color, making its value match that of Object A (different from inheritance in that the link can be from anywhere else within the tree)

3. Implement a form object, that creates textboxes based on attributes, just like the contact object, but allows modification of attributes. This way you can create and fill out simple forms rather than changing attribute values via the Item Attribute pane.

4. Dynamic Item titles using either Linked attributes, or a custom attribute values, similar to the contact object.

4a. A way to automatically set the title of the object to the current date.

5. Dynamic Templates: Integration of some kind of scripting, or even variable substitution, allowing for instance, $DATE$ within a template to automatically be set to the current date.

A pretty nice, possibly simple implementation of this can be seen in The Journal, from It has variable substitution, as well as hosting the windows wscript engine allowing you to implement logic within your templates.

6. Subfolders or some other kind of organization method for Templates

7. Some kind of interface to the icon cache would also be nice. Its kind of a pain importing an icon, and having to organize the file afterwards. It would be cool to have a place that doesnt show up in the tree, where you can specifically import and export icons, so you dont need to deal with the file when all you care about is the representation of the image in the tree.

Now that Ive said all the things that I think can be done better [ =) ], great job, love the product, and I cant wait to see where you guys take it next.

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Old 09-05-2009, 06:10 AM
mikeg mikeg is online now
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Lightbulb Re: Substitution Tokens

[Content of this reply moved to a seperate thread with the same title as this reply.]

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