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Old 05-02-2005, 12:40 PM
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How to quickly add notes/info into Ultra Recall

This FAQ entry was adapted from a response to a user's question about how to easily enter "notes" into Ultra Recall (similar to a 3M electronic Sticky Notes application they previously used)...

By default, Win+Z is assigned as the hotkey to activate Ultra Recall (the last focused instance when multiple instances are open). You can configure this hotkey @ Tools | Options | General (tab). You can use this hotkey to activate Ultra Recall, then create a new Info Item in the appropriate location for the new content.

Another option is to add your "new notes" Info Item to the list of Favorites in Ultra Recall. Then you can right-click on the Ultra Recall task bar icon and select this Favorite, which will navigate directly to this location.

You can also import information from the clipboard directly into the last focused Ultra Recall instance using the Import clipboard contents hotkey. This doesn't provide a way to enter new text but rather copy existing text/data into Ultra Recall. This hotkey is configured @ Tools | Options | Import (tab).

Finally, there is a command-line interface that can also be used to open/activate an Info Database (in Ultra Recall) and navigate to a particular Info Item (probably the initial location for new notes).
You would probably use something like "c:\program files\ultrarecall\ultrarecall.exe" "c:\path\to\file.urd" /item 992

After activating UR and navigating to the desired location, you can simply hit the Insert key in Ultra Recall to create a new Info Item (based on the Default Child Template attribute which you would configure to the appropriate template - probably Text).

To summarize, the sequence to achieve your request would be:
1) Activate UR and navigate to the appropriate location
- Activation hotkey then manually navigate
- Right click on taskbar icon then select a Favorite
- execute an appropriate command-line interface to activate UR and navigate to the appropriate location
2) Hit Insert and enter your text
3) Optionally, you could configure Esc to minimize Ultra Recall, so you could hit Esc to hide Ultra Recall and return to the previous application you were using. This is also configured @ Tools | Options | General (it is enabled by default)

The full documentation for the command-line interface is available in the help file (also accessible on-line @

Note: 992 is the ItemID for the Imported Items system Info Item. You can view the ItemID attribute value for any Info Item by displaying this System attribute. You enable display of this optional [system] attribute @ Tools |
Options | Attributes.
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