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Old 12-23-2023, 07:13 AM
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How would/should "Trees: Scroll item to top of tree when going to an item" work?

The help says, "Scroll item to top of tree when going to item: If checked, Ultra Recall will automatically scroll to place the first selected Info Item to the top of the tree to maximize the display of pertinent Info Items when going to an Info Item.", which doesn't explain, and whilst I know what "going to the bathroom" in reality means (very funny as a dialog in a public building in some Hollywood movie...), I don't get what this, in theory, and for special situations (sic!), VERY useful, even QUICK, option (which means it's available by shortcut in case, in order to instantly toggle it), is deemed to to.

In other words, in my tries, it just sometimes works, in perhaps 10 p.c. of the situations I'd expect it to work, and in a total aleatoric way. (Of course, I verified that it's "on" ("Tools - Quick Options - ...").)

In what situations is it deemed to work?:

a) Manual navigation, per up-down arrow keys, quick "overflow" of intermediate elements (= less than let's say 0.3 seconds, even less), then "arrival" at the target element: I would then expect a jump of that element / item to first visual line (as with the dedicated command "View - Scroll to top" (also available per shortcut), but that's not the case.

b) Jump-navigation, per entering characters (when Data Explorer has focus, obviously): Almost never (but very rarely) works, independently of the target I jump to (let'say "Target", by "tar") is above or below the current element, and, of course, I understand that the jump of the target item to first visible line (just as with the dedicated command) is NOT expected to occur whenever there is not enough "material" below the target then, in order to justify the jump; in other words, I do not expect the jump to be made when the whole visible "rest" of the tree goes into the visible part of the pane anyway.

Especially in this jump-navigation situation by entering one or more characters, I would expect the setting to work, but it almost never does here.

c) I don't use favorites, so I don't use "go to favorite x" either, but I suppose that in this situation of "go to an item", the setting would work then?

d) Other situations of "going to an item" I can't think of at this very moment? (I again and again use a) for very short distances, and b) for bigger "jumps".)

As an aside:

The real jump ahead for UR, ahead of the whole competition, came with your very kind (and technically very complete, and flawless!) implementation of my "expand by n levels" suggestion.

"Project management" of any kind is now possible with UR: You "go" to the project header, then enter the relevant shortcut for "expand by 1 level", or, and especially, "expand by 2 levels", which is the absolute bummer, or, less useful again, "expand by 3 levels", whilst n >= 4 are of no real-use importance (btw, I said so in my suggestion: expand by 2 levels under the respective main header will be the absolute game changer, with 1 and 3 levels being useful, too... and it HAS become the absolute game changer...

whilst obviously, the user will then have to SHAPE their project tree or sub-tree according to this schema, but IF they do, their productivity with UR will be greatly enhanced (as I had promised, and as I have had the occasion to verify by experience in-between).

And here, I have assigned the internal UR shortcuts to expand by 1, 2, 3 levels to some obscure key combinations, as well as the internal UR shortcut for "View - Scroll to top", but then, in Autohotkey, for shift-num1/2/3 (shift-left/rightarrowkey being "Tree - Collapse" all and "Tree - Show - Expand all", respectively), I did

$+numpad1:: ; 1/2/3 here
; well, in fact I did it for shift-numpadend/numpaddown/numpadpgdn = for numpad-off
if winactive("ahk_exe UltraRecall.exe")
controlgetfocus, s, A
if ( substr(s, 1, 14) = "SftTreeControl" ) ; is of interest for TreePane
sendevent, +^!1 ; my UR-shortcut for Tree-Show-1-Level (1/2/3 here)
sleep, 200
sendevent, +^a ; my UR-shortcurt for View-ScrollToTop

It's with functionality like this when "computing" becomes a joy, because you instantly know that your computer use is a big step ahead of your competition: Because you use the right software that is: the one that has the core advantage over theirs. ;-)
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Old 12-24-2023, 03:54 AM
kinook kinook is online now
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Going to an item encompasses:

1) Going to a favorite (Favorite | <Favorite item> or keyboard shortcut)

2) Going to an item in history (Go | Forward, Go | Back, or Go | <history item>)

3) Jumping to an item (Tree | Jump...)

4) Opening an item (Item | Open, Item | Open in New Tab, double-clicking an item in Search Results / Child Items pane to navigate there in the tree, etc.)

It does not include when navigating around within the tree (via arrow keys, typing, etc.), which could be jarring in its effect.
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