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Old 04-30-2015, 10:38 AM
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Version 5.2

Released on April 30, 2015

Updated on January 14, 2017 (UltraRecall.exe version in Help | About)

New Features
  • Option to select multiple attribute values (Tools | Attributes | Properties).
  • 3-pane outliner enhancements: 1) Option for whether to show leaf items in tree (Tools | Options | Trees); 2) Option to show expandable indicator in Related Items pane to indicate items with children (Tools | Options | Grids); 3) When items are selected in the Child Items pane, Go | Up One Level selects the item's parent in the tree instead of the grandparent.
  • Command to create keyword for selected text (Item | Keyword Selected Text on the menu).
  • Commands to change rich text editor or web browser zoom level (View | Zoom on the menu).

  • Support SQLite database format file signature so that .urd file can be operated on by standard SQLite tools (change first 15 bytes of .urd file from 'Ultra Recall DB' to 'SQLite format 3' in a binary file editor). []
  • Option to disable left drag in tree (see DisableLeftMouseButtonDrag at []
  • Internal browser emulates Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and later.
  • Parse numbers from .xlsx files. []
  • Sign Firefox extension. [12/29/2015]
  • Tree matches Windows Explorer look on Windows 10. []
  • Item locking: Support multiple selection.
  • Option to specify separator character when copying forms (Edit | Copy Form with form focused) -- see
  • Option to specify separator character when copying grids and attributes (Edit | Copy Grid Values with Related Items pane focused or Edit | Copy All Attributes with Item Attributes pane focused) -- see
  • Syntax editor: Colorize .bld files as HTML/XML.

    Bug Fixes

  • If Tools | Options | Documents | Automatically begin editing web page items when selected was checked, an error and unable to exit condition could occur when viewing some web pages. []
  • In the form view, display item selection dialog when clicking on an info item attribute that has a value. []
  • Don't show full path of database in Databases toolbar. []
  • Hang could occur with View | Choose Columns if an attribute had the same name as an attribute category. []
  • Limited Advanced search on Item Text could report syntax error. []
  • Inserting into Choose Item dialog updates title attribute on form view. []
  • Choose Item dialog not positioned correctly when opened from form view. []
  • Crash could occur on Windows 8 and later when selecting recent file that doesn't exist. []
  • Right-click in Search Results pane and choosing Link/Move moves search item instead of right-clicked item. []
  • Leaf items not showing in tree in Standard edition. []
  • UR Firefox extension prevented Firefox from starting. []
  • Outlook sync: During daylight saving time, adjust for dates in standard time. []
  • CSV import: 1) Support time attributes; 2) Use regional settings when importing dates. []
  • Errors or hangs could occur when pasting into the rich edit view with Office 2013 installed (uncheck Install rich edit control with table support when installing) -- see
  • Access violation could occur when syncing stored document.
  • Edit | Paste Special | Paste Rich Text/Paste Rich Text with Titles and Outlook import: Child items not always displayed properly in tree without refresh.
  • System attributes not editable when Attribute Properties dialog shown from Item Attributes pane.
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