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Old 09-21-2020, 06:58 PM
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Problems with splitting items

I am having difficulties splitting items using Item > Split. I have checked the Help File but it is not very informative. Is this feature meant to be controlled by the Import settings in Options, i.e. you have to check "Split text on separator" and specify some separator text? Or is it just based on carriage returns? I have tried it both ways and neither has been successful.

I have an Item with a number of lines in it that I want to turn into separate items. When I do Item > Split nothing happens. Or rather the item that contains the lines I want to be made into separate items gets renamed to the first line, but no split takes place.

If I have specified separator text in Options (which appears under the Imports heading, so I don't know if this is relevant to the purpose), and with that separator included in the item I try Item > Split, I get this error message:

"Error loading items: Foreign key violation. ItemAttribute table references missing row in Item table". Then I have to press Undo several times to get out of this error as UR will not let me proceed otherwise.

I then tried copying the lines in question and using Paste Special to "Paste Text One Item Per Line" - but all this did was create just one item, its title taken from the first of the lines.

I am using version 6.1, downloaded today from, so I assume it includes the 6.1.01 fix that seems to have addressed various Item Splitting issues.

As far as I can tell from the brief mention in the Help File this should be a straightforward split based on carriage returns - "separate items for each line of text". However this is not working for me at all.

I finally (sort of) got what I was looking for by copying to the clipboard, then going to the Import dialogue, choosing Load Clipboard, and assigning the sole Input Field to Item Text. This is not exactly convenient however.

Also, is there meant to be an option to name/not name the split items based on the original text? I got the impression there was from earlier posts.
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