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Old 05-22-2024, 08:26 AM
cnewtonne cnewtonne is online now
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Will Kinook produce an ARM native UR version?

Few days ago, MS announced their new CoPilot PC's running snapdragon SoC. They also announced that few developers have ported their apps to run natively on it e.g. Chrome, Adobe creative apps, LiquidText, MS office, Teams, etc.

Furthermore, they shared that their new emulation driver Prism is 25% faster for running x8s apps. More and more OEM's will also be shipping ARM based Windows PC's in the upcoming months.

The power and efficiency numbers they shared sound impressive for speed and battery life. I hope they mean what they say the real-life testing bares that out. If it true, there is no denying that these PC will attract a lot of users.

Will Kinook consider producing an ARM native version of UR? I do not know much engineering this requires. But my experience in the Apple echo system really was easy and natural. Hope this is the same for MS Windows.

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Old 05-27-2024, 09:46 PM
kinook kinook is online now
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It is unlikely. There are too many dependencies on libraries and components that don't support ARM.
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Old 05-31-2024, 08:37 AM
cnewtonne cnewtonne is online now
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I'll test UR performance on the new Snapdragon chips when these devices come out mid June. I have used Apple Rosetta's emulation on MacOS and performance was as good as native apps. MS claims PRISM is as good as Apple's. Hope they're honest about it.

Initial tests are promising:
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