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Old 04-27-2011, 04:50 PM
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newbie questions


I'm new to Ultra Recall and so far the experience has been pretty good. There are nevertheless a few small issues that I can't seem to figure out:

1. Is there a way to export an item to a web page (.html file) with the source URL and user-defined keywords included (at the bottom of the page)?

I currently have stuff (accumulated over many years) in Firefox Scrapbook extension, Evernote, OneNote, & Surfulater, and I'm trying to find a new home to consolidate those scattered data. When trying to get data out, I'm very thankful that Surfulater allows me to export with tags (keywords) appended at the end of an article (item in UR lingo).

Like most info. collection/notebook users I don't want to be locked in and prefer to be able to get my stuff out when necessary. While Ultra Recall does have extensive export functions, I can't seems to find a way to export to .html (or rich text) files with associated keywords and URLs, making the exported files much less useful.

Exporting to XML does provide options to include URLs & keywords, and I've tried the VB script in the FAQ that would turn the .xml file into an html file. The keywords and URLs are stored in a toc.html, however, not the individual items.

There are two main reasons why I prefer to have keywords stored with the individual items:

1) so I can rearrange/rename the articles without being tied to a specific toc.html.

2) so a local file indexer (in my case, Windows Search and Archivarius 3000) could point me to a file directly, not a toc.

2. Is there a way to tell Ultra Recall to put the source URL at the bottom of the captured page?

When I capture a web page (or part of it) with UR (using the Firefox extension), I would prefer to have the source URL readily visible at the end of the page.

Currently I use a customized layout with the Item Attributes Window docked at the bottom, and then customize the window to show only the Keywords and URL. It's only a partial solution, because ...

1) I have to unhide other attributes if I want to see them, and coming back and forth is a bit cumbersome;

2) I can't click on the URL to launch it in the browser; and

3) when opening the document externally (in a browser), and you decide you want to see the source page, you have to come back to UR to click "Click here to open linked document". Wouldn't it be easier if one could just click on a link at the bottom to launch it without leaving the browser?

Looks like this is turning into a long post. I'll stop here and post the rest in a separate post.

Thanks for listening.
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