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Old 07-16-2008, 01:58 AM
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How are you using Ultra Recall?

Hello all.

I have been using UR for almost three weeks now and with the help of other users and kinook here in the forums, I have learned an amazing amount about how UR works. I've also read through the Help file in its entirety as well as watched the videos on the Kinook web site. That has also given me a lot of knowledge as to how to use UR. Not that I really know very much yet - there's still a whole lot I need to learn!

But while knowing how to get data into UR effectively is good, knowing how to organize and properly manage what I put into UR is another animal altogether. Not to mention exactly what to put into UR!

Looking at the Outlook sample database, I learned about the very simple method of dragging and dropping Outlook data directly into UR. I tried dragging my Contacts folder from Outlook into UR and... Voila! All my Outlook cantacts are now in a folder in UR! I know; pretty damn basic - and dull, I imagine. But I am really at a loss as to just what types of data people commonly use Ultra Recall to store and manage.

  1. What kinds of data do you store in UR?
  2. How do you organize what you put into UR?
  3. I studied the thread about ashwken's data structure and learned something from that: I can create all of my own user folders and "hide" or even delete the standard UR folders that are auto-created when a new database is created. Now THAT is really helpful. I wasn't sure just how far I could stray from the original tree structure created in new databases; I cannot find any reference to that kind of instruction in the Help file or anywhere else. Maybe it is there and I just haven't found it yet. But it is definitely eluding me so far.
  4. How far down can nesting of folders go? I realize that in any tree structure for information management there is a point of diminishing returns, where the depth of the nesting starts to work counterintuitively. But oftentimes specific database applications have a limit built into their design and, though some let you exceed that limit wothout any warning, the more deeply nested folders are not accessible.
  5. Templates. How and when to use which?? I read a thread about using the Document template but sadly I am no wiser now than I was before I read it. I tried once to use it - I think. I wanted to paste some text I had copied and so instead of the usual Insert child>Text that I create in the Notes folder, I tried Insert child>Document in the Imported folder. However that had no rich text features available and was aligned to Center. I could not make it align Left. What did I do? Why, deleted it, of course, and started over using Insert child>Text!!

    Is there anyplace that describes templates and how they work?

OK, that is not really all of my questions, but I could write a book right now. Hopefully, though, this is a start to allow more experienced users to let me and other new users know just how you organize and use Ultra Recall.

Thanks! I know that I truly appreciate any comments made on this.

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