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Originally posted by Taxi
I also have Win XP SP2 w/ Word 2003 SP2.

On investigating my systems to identify what it might be about my set-up that is causing this "Word quirk", I have been monitoring the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager while navigating the Data Explorer tree with the Up and Down arrow keys. (With MSWord not running at all).

I have noticed a (system) process named WINWORD.EXE that does not appear until I select a linked MSWord document. At which point this process starts and takes a chunk of CPU for a few seconds. When I move away from the linked document, the WINWORD.EXE process takes another chunk of CPU for a few more seconds. Subsequently, this process remains in memory until I exit UR, even if I never select another linked document.

I have confirmed this behaviour on both my Desktop and Laptop as well as a colleague's laptop running from a USB stick!
That is to be expected -- when Word documents are edited internally in UR (UR hosts IE, which in turn hosts Word), a winword.exe process (where the Word functionality resides) will be created if it doesn't already exist. That's just how OLE embedding works.

Have I found three quirky MSWord installations or is this normal UR behaviour that you do not consider to be "activating Word"?
To be more specific, UR will not activate an external Word instance/window. I'm not sure why an external Word instance is being activated/redrawn in your case, but UR itself is not doing it.
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