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Running multiple builds and "Wait for completion" problem

Hi -
I have a built script that does the steps necessary to deploy our app to a web server generically - eventually I want to deploy to multiple servers in a web farm and would like this to run in parallel. I created a VBP script that takes the servername as a parameter and runs all of the stuff necessary to set our app up on that server - I then have a master script that runs the VBP script with the servername parameter - the scripts execute various remote tasks using configuration data from the Remote tab - it seems that if I run more than one in parallel I get a file locked with psexec (psexec.out - I'm guessing it is the output file for psexec) - is there a way to configure the Remote execution stuff to either use a different filename or some other way to get around this?

Also the deployment works fine if I leave the "Wait for completion" option checked and let it run one server at a time - unfortunately I'd really like to run these updates at the same time since they take a fair amount of time.

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