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Originally posted by J-Mac
[B][snip] I just noticed this thread a couple of days ago. Needless to say I was shocked! As a relatively new UR Pro user - I just purchased it a few months ago and have been working to master it ever since - I have been stopped in my tracks, so to speak. Do I continue in my deep learning curve with UR-P? Or start examining other options?[/snip]
obviously a personal decision... but depending on your specific needs, the dilemma is there is problem nothing better out there @ this time.

There are other programs in the works, ex: SQLnotes (aka InfoQube or IQ) & Tom Davis aka Zoot has already or is just about ready to publish a new version of Zoot w RTF. And there is 'The Brain' if you are into Mind Mapping or other apps like GemX's DoOrganizer or OneNote.

[snip] obviously I never saw the "stopping development" notice, as it was apparently replaced by the new, unimproved Roadmap - has Kinook ever commented on the development freeze? [snip] I haven't found any other comments other than those in this thread.[/snip]
To be accurate the Roadmap was not changed but the statement about further development was changed to be less definite.

If you go to URL you will see that Kinook has responded to a new user asking how often they update by stating:

"It varies. Judging from past history of our products, from a couple months to a few years. We don't currently have an ETA for the next UR release."

Other than that I haven't seen any further clarification other than what you've read. Perhaps some one else has more information or.... gasp.... maybe Kinook will actually drop in here & answer your question.