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Thanks for your prompt reply. A couple of things:

- You are indeed correct - NUnit does use return codes. And after exploring the product more I discoved how to send email notifications on failure with the console output... I would have prefered to have a task instead of having to figure it out myself, but hey that's life as a developer I guess.

- I realize that you can't make tasks for everything... there's a lot of products out there. Saying that however, I've used NUnit for the last companies that I've worked for. My experience is that it is pretty much THE testing tool for .Net development. Just seems a bit odd that there is no task for it. Saying that it can be done from the command line is a bit of a dull argument, after all I can use the command line to get the latest version of files from VSS rather than use your task if I really wanted to (but thank goodness I didn't have to)

- I'd love to hear from anyone who's used this product with NUnit and their experiences, maybe any tips and tricks they're using.

It seems like a great product though - a lot easier to use than NAnt! Keep up the good work.

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