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Hi all.

I have been tasked with evaluating automated build software with a view to implement daily (or more) builds into our process for the next version of the product (built in VS.Net).

Visual Build is refreshing compared to some of the other tools out there. The built-in tasks mean that I can set up a prototype build in a couple of hours, as compared to the days it took to figure out NAnt.

The ONLY thing that seems to be missing in regards to what we need is closer integration with NUnit - which IMHO is pretty much the defacto unit testing tool for .Net applications.

I guess I can fool around with "Run program" task and try to parse NUnit output to get some feedback... but it kind of defeats the whole purpose of why I like Visual Build - that I can get everything working in a couple of hours.

Maybe I'm missing the point... Can anyone advise me on their experience of using NUnit with Visual Build?

Kindest regards,
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