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Version 4.1c

Released on March 22, 2010

  • Always create .loc file (allows Firefox/Thunderbird extension to locate UR for non-admin installations).+
  • Trim leading and trailing whitespace (newlines, tabs, spaces) from attribute values.
  • Small change in locating MAPI/Outlook for Outlook integration.+
  • Thunderbird extension now also compatible with Postbox.
  • Update Thunderbird extension for v3.

    Bug Fixes
  • When showing multiple web pages in tabs, if a non-active page auto-refreshes, the tab title of the current tab incorrectly changes to 'Loading web page'.
  • Can't delete all occurrences of user-defined keyword containing uppercase letters.
  • Move left to child of My Data item moves to bottom of siblings.
  • Item Text and Item Notes attributes not cleared when removing all item text or notes.
  • Honor Tools | Options | Import | File extensions to parse text option for linked documents when enabling full-text search enhancements.
  • Double-clicking column header separator in Related Items pane to size optimally also sorts.
  • Flag color not shown on selected item.
  • Text truncated in messageboxes with checkbox.
  • Item | Open Containing Folder command could open wrong folder.
  • Include Date Accessed and Access Count attributes when copying an item.
  • Default Child Template attribute of custom template items not included in inter-db copy.
  • XML export: Item only exported once when found in multiple export locations.+
  • Keywords (user-defined) attribute not displayed on forms.+
  • Display problem with some messages drag+dropped from Windows Live Mail.
  • Tools | Options | General | Windows taskbar entries option mislabeled (document => database).
  • Item selection problem after move to other tree from Link/Move dialog.

    + = Professional edition only
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