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Originally Posted by wordmuse View Post
Right-click an item and you can select "Copy with URL." Which is fine if you are pasting inside URP. But if you want to paste the URL into another application, you have first paste it so as to create a link. Then you have to right-click the link and select Properties to view the Properties dialog and then you can copy the URL itself for the item.
A couple options for copying just the URL from UR:

1) Select the item, then go to the Item Attributes pane (Ctrl+4), right-click the URL attribute and select Copy.

2) Create a form (Tools | Forms -> Insert) with just a URL attribute and assign it to the Document template item's Form attribute (My Data -> Templates -> Document). Then after selecting a document item, select the URL in the form and copy.

I suggest that there be another menu item: Copy the URL.

I'd also like to suggest that URP enable me to pick multiple items, right click, and click a menu item called "Copy All Selected URLs."

- Bal
We'll consider it. Thanks.
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