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<SHFT><DEL> - not

In another thread <SHFT><DEL> deletes all references to an item linked externally & users wanted more warning that this would happen. I agree however in my situation which is:

From my email program (The Bat!) I save selected emails in ".eml" format & place them in a special folder which is linked to URp in my GTD folder.

As I work thru these emails, I <SHFT><DEL> them out of my db. Yet when I Re-synch <CRL><F5> with that special email folder, these same emails re-appear. What's that about?

I thought the purpose of the <SHFT><DEL> command was to permanently delete *both* item & original file whether it is in outlook or elsewhere. I don't use outlook. I use elsewhere ;-) and this function is not working here.

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