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Hello again,
Sorry for the delay in response from my end. I downloaded Rule.bld, and similar to my other project, "Project steps" is Skipped, and "child" is Completed. This happens with the first build, on a Rebuild, and when I Step line by line.

I'm attaching my build script that I first saw this happen with. The build script usually receives a large set of temporary macros, but to reproduce my issue you need only provide "3.04" (minus the quotes) as the value for %CMD_RELEASEVERSION%.

The "Register eFrameClient" step at the top of the file will skip, but its child step, the "Register eFrameClient" project subroutine is kicked off and goes to complete each step rather than skip over it. I will follow up this posting and send my Application Options file directly to the support email address above.


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