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Exclamation 5.7-->6.0 problem; build step skipping not applying to children


I just installed 6.0 side-by-side with 5.7, however my build rules are no longer applying to my child steps.
Basically, I do a version compare in my build rule, where I only build the child steps if the following evaluates to true:

[CStr(%CMD_RELEASEVERSION%) >= CStr(4.01)]

%CMD_RELEASEVERSION% was passed in as "3.04", and VBuild 6.0 is correctly evaluating that and "Skips" the step, but then proceeds right into the child step and builds it.

I have confirmed that, like in my 5.7 environment, I have:

1) VBScript set as my default scripting language
2) the 'Implement nesting of conditional build rules' application option checked.
3) the 'Re-evaluate all conditional build rules for each step' application option checked.

Is there something I need to enable/disable in 6.0 to get my proper skipping functionality back?


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