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Since my irony was lost, above: The very first link there wasn't to that inferior and buggy prog in general, but to an offering where currently it's offered for 5 or 6 dollars; if they offer it for any "normal" price in the future again, please bear in mind that my link was to a 5 or 6 dollar offering. I wanted to express: You can always get it for less, and less, and even less, near to nothing, but don't expect developers to stay in business in such circumstances. When in my white paper, I spoke of 1,000 dollars for really good sw, people here were scandalized, but that's what's going on with crm sw and with case M sw (= lawyer sw): 6- or 800 dollars p.a., and upfront even more. On the other hand, there's a lawyer, discussing on bitsdujour prices and their advantages / justification within the 10-dollar range, and some day, he even complained about a(n about) 10-dollar (might have been 12) sw he bought there, but was proud to inform fellow bargain hunters that in the end, he was luckily reimbursed! Again, we're speaking of sw costing 10 or 12 dollars. It's this stance that ruins special sw offerings that ain't adopted by the masses. BTW, in the "family and student edition" of MS Office 2010 marketed in Europe, MS has now got Word and Excel of course, then OneNote (!) - again, MS has an offering (and for "free", here), so why should many people buy alternatives? -, and PowerPoint...

Ooops, that leaves OL out! So, whilst OL is in many corporate installations, MS does NOT think any more that individual users ("student and family") would be interested in having their mail "done" with(in) OL. There seems indeed be an agreement, "individual users go cloud whenever possible anyway".