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Question VBScript problem - MS Excel

I copied the following code from Microsoft and pasted it into a "Run Script" function in "Visual Build Professional" v5.0. When testing the script, Error at Line 4, Column 1 occur.

What am I doing wrong?

' VBScript source code

Dim ExcelSheet
Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")

' Make Excel visible through the Application object.
ExcelSheet.Application.Visible = True

' Place some text in the first cell of the sheet.
ExcelSheet.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Value = "This is column A, row 1"

' Save the sheet.
ExcelSheet.SaveAs "C:\DOCS\TEST.XLS"

' Close Excel with the Quit method on the Application object.

' Release the object variable.
Set ExcelSheet = Nothing
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