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I'll repeat and slightly rephrase my question. Is there a way outside of individually building projects rather than one solution to get VBPro to build ALL projects contained within that solution REGARDLESS, and here is the key, of how many projects the solution has checked to be build (Alt B+T). I should be able to have the "Select None" option specified in that dialog and still would like ALL projects contained within that solution built.

From what I can see, here are the options.

1. I am forced to build individual projects and should replace the solution with multiple projects. Note, I'm trying to avoid this option, which is why I posted this thead.

2. Modify using VBPro the workspace file. I'd have to be told what to change and how for this one. I presume that VS05 stores the settings in the Solutions Options file, which I checked and is a binary file.

3. I can possibly pass some argument to the build engine, not that I know what that is. You'd have to specify.

4. Something that I haven't thought.

Thank you in advance,

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