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Copy Files Enhancement - Date Filter

I would like to add the suggestion for a future release to add a date filter to the COPY FILES action.

There are many circumstances where after the compile stage of a build is completed, I would like to extract only those files that have been updated. For very large projects, this would be extremely helpful.

Example... Have a large .NET solution containing dozens of projects. In producing a service pack the build process is setup with file references to the previous release. The solution file is modified with the source for those projects that are being updated. Once the compile of the solution is completed, I want to extract only the dll that was updated (or dlls) from the debug or release bin folder. In order to automate this process as much as possible and reduce the manual intervention necessary, any file newer than a specific date could be extracted and copied to the destination.

It is quite possible someone has already spent time working a solution for this. If you have, I would appreciate feedback.

Mark Vermeulen
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