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Version 5.3

Released on May 7, 2017

Updated on June 22, 2017 (UltraRecall.exe version in Help | About*)

New Features
  • Flag attribute customization via Tools | Flags on the menu. Flag properties that can be customized: Label text, text color, background color, font, icon, and whether to hide items when not showing flagged items (View | Show Flagged Items).
  • Flag tooltip in Data Explorer and Related Items panes.
  • Command to move text up/down in rich text editor (Format menu).
  • Option to append to current item when importing from clipboard (Tools | Options | Import).

  • High-DPI awareness.
  • Add Tools | Quick Options | Import: Download Images and Import: Download Scripts.

    Bug Fixes
  • Some user-defined item attributes could not be deleted and some system item attributes could be deleted. []*
  • Crash when clicking Hide checkbox on Flags dialog. []*
  • Crash when using spell checker. [ -- uninstall previous version before installing]
  • Access violation error could occur when loading item.
  • Choose Item dialog displays multiple times when clicking on Info Item attribute on a form.
  • Hidden pane displayed if Tools | Options | Trees (More) | Set Focus to active selection pane when going to an item enabled.
  • Delay when opening read-only database.
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